21 March 2012

All About Him

He's not perfect. i'm not either and both of us will never be perfect.

But he can make me laugh atleast once.

when he admits to being human and making mistakes, i hold onto him and give him the most i can.

he is not going to quote poetry , he's not thinking about me every moment but he give me a part of him dat he knows i cud break.

i'll not hurt him, dun want to change him and dun expect more than he give. i dont want to analyze. 

juz want to smile when he makes me happy, yell when he makes me mad and miss him when he's not here. i want love hard when there is love to be had.

perfect guys dont exist but theres always one guy that perfect for me.

thanks for reading ! jangan malu-malu nak komen tau (◕‿-)

6 00 orang sedang berbuenO:

fizafantagirO said...

may happiness always be with you :)

kura said...

like sikit!

✿ cik pieQa ✿ said...

@fizafantagirO : tenkiuu dear. i hope so :)

✿ cik pieQa ✿ said...

@kura : ala kura, sikit je ke, banyak la ciket babe. hik3!

shahrul ™ said...

perfect! :D

Cik Laure Weng said...

i like this post..no body perfect

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